Rise of the Bandits

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One of the most potent signs of a disintegrating state is the rise of independent militias and the ruling government’s inability/unwillingness to eliminate them. Now read today’s DM lead article: Radical document by ‘retired generals’ spurs Gwede Mantashe into action.

Huh. Who woulda thunk. Retired generals want to stage a military coup. Supplize.

We already have a variety of part-time militias, some of mysterious provenance, some pretty obvious. There are the metropoles’ various Police “forces”, the so-called Red Ants (who is behind them, anyway?) and the EFF’s farm-invasion brigands. The Cape Flats gangs are de facto militias and have been since before I was a wee laddie, and here, Ladies and Gentlemen, over in the Right Wings, sporting US-funded neo-Naziesque regalia

These are the nuclei around which future local/regional brigands accrete and form the basis of future local/regional governance/rule-by-force. It’s already happening, Reg…