New Business doing a Supplier Search

1 minute read

Me: I want to give you money. Supplier: Me: You do sell that shit, don’t you? I’d like to buy some. Maybe a quite a lot. Supplier: Me: Can you give me prices of that shit? Supplier: When can I expect your order? Me: Supplier: Our products are the best quality anywhere, and our commitment to superior customer service unsurpassed. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you place an order with us. Me: I need to see your pricelist before I can order. Supplier: Me: It feels like you don’t want my money… Supplier: Oh. OK. Here’s a thumbsuck pricelist, but if you’ll sign up to exclusively sell only our shit we can give you much, much better prices… Me (thinking to myself): So if I decline their offer to become a captive customer they’re planning to gouge me on prices? Hmmm…

Stands upstage left, wondering whether these jokers are really in business.

Next up: The mysterious case of ‘I’ll Phone You When It Gets Here’.