Half Baked

Consider this…

a sort of notebook,… or a notebook of sorts. A batch of bare-brain wonderings,… less than a blog, more than a wubsite, a playground for p2p exploration, musings on life, the Universe and… well, everything, really.

Everything you see here carries an implicit #halfBaked tag. #NSFW, maybe #NSFL. If you ate those cookies we sent to you… they were laced… If it’s the safe and the sane you seek, the clear and careful and corporately acceptable, why then, back you go!

Out there, in an Internet far ago and long away, I have written screeds upon screeds of stuff over the many years. Some readers might be interested in reading it (though some bits have aged poorly), and I would certainly be interested in housing it all under one roof, so I gave thought to trying to import All That Stuff from the various platforms that currently house it. It’s a daunting prospect! There are articles dating back to 2005. The job of importing all that stuff, converting the text to markup and making sure it looks OK, finding all the pictures that went with it – some of which are irretrievably lost due to the enclosure-of-the-commons of various image-hosting services (Photobucket, Flickr),… it’s all just a hell of a task, and achieves not much. So fuck it.

There’s the old one mikro2nd blog — mainly centred around tech-stuff, roughly corresponding to the bits category on this more unified site, where I have pontificated upon ideas around software design, made predictions about cryptocurrencies (one or two of which look like hitting the mark!) and ranted frequently about user interfaces and human experiences in tech.

On the self-sufficiency front, there are almost 240 articles recording bits of our Journeys in Smallholder Land at the old Plan Be blog, firmly corresponding to the plan-be category you’ll find on this site. It is my intention to refocus this a little as time goes by, to make it a bit less about Braamekraal Farm specifically, and a bit more about WHY anyone would try to become more self-sufficient. A bit more about the philosophy and politics of self-sufficiency — at least as far as this participant sees it.

Once there were other sites. They’re lost in the mists of the Pre-Google/Facebook Internet-of-Surveillance. For all the talk of how digital media is so much better at copying and preserving our informational stuff, my own experience over nearly four decades is that it is frustratingly ephemeral. Barely do you set something in HTML than the link-rot sets in.