A comment the other day on HackerNews, only very lightly edited for brevity:

whenever they [a big appliance maker] do the big presentations on their Vision For The Future it’s all IoT. That every little shit in your home from your blender to your dishwasher to your drill will be internet connected and have software updates and upgrades and tracked servicing and tamper proofing and usage statistics and paid feature unlocking and upselling and better market segmentation etc.

They’ll extort our very last penny we can shed and we will be happy about it and march into this future willingly.

I have no doubt this person is 100% on the mark. But it did get me thinking a little bit, so here’s the prediction that came out of that modest cogitation:

In the nearish future, when all appliances are built to rely on an internet connection, there will arise a lucrative business opportunity in building dumb appliances. Appliances that are loudly and proudly advertised as “No Internet Connection Required. It Just Works”. A slightly niche (but still quite huge) market for appliances for people who either have no internet access (permanently or intermittently) for reasons of geography, topography or finance, or who want no internet connection for reasons of paranoia, mental self-care or sheer curmudgeonliness. People willing to pay a premium price for appliances that don’t phone Mom every time they’re used.

You read it here first.